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GlobalReach BI SPRING platform provides you with a customizable repository to manage the growing volume and complexity of Competitive Insights. Use Artificial Intelligence to have your brand, portfolio and insights integrated at the click of a button.


The Competitive Insights world is becoming more complex

In CI functions worldwide, we are all faced with increasing volumes of scientific, patent, regulatory, market access & commercial insights PLUS reduced time for action and reaction. For the life science industry having the right access to the right insights is critical.


A client centric approach to SPRING CI platform:



Artificial Intelligence to support your strategic insights

Each of your CI presentations or sources are transcribed in the SPRING back end where data is systematically captured and tagged, using transcription tools.

Your secondary and primary intelligence are consolidated so that all monitoring, web calls and conference insights dedicated to your brand or franchise are in one structured, secure environment.

SPRING Platform allows you to maximize your strategic intelligence, with all your CI insights related to one Key Intelligence Topic consolidated in ONE structured, customizable and searchable platform.


What our Life Science partners thought of SPRING:

“Totally adaptable to our numerous therapeutic areas and to our multiple stakeholders internally. I wear multiple hats, interesting to have one tool trusted and open to all for CI.”

“We have so many sources of CI, not searchable for sure. A platform to integrate and have a single source readily available, transparent to all is a bonus.”

“The links out to sources to go deeper into the details or the visualization to have a high-level visualization landscape are extremely useful.”

“The shopping cart to pull out a presentation for our management with key CI elements downloaded is a necessity.”

 “SPRING value proposition is very high; it is really great.”

“This is an elegant platform, clear, easy and simple to use.”


Enable SPRING in your organisation:

SPRING platform is now available for implementation. Please email us via contact@globalreachbi.com to set up a web call for introduction.



New functionality and data structure are totally flexible depending on your internal CI requirements.

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