• The “New Normal” in Life Science Coverage: SPRING Forward with Intelligence

    Three months into the COVID-19 Pandemic, we can all reflect on how we have had to change… and fast! We are working from home, schooling our children and restricting all travel, we have had to learn and adjust rapidly to this new normal. Read more here: The “New Normal” in Life Science Coverage: SPRING Forward with […]

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  • Artificial Intelligence in life sciences: why are we lagging behind in AI adoption?

    To reduce the cost and increase the probability of success, life sciences would seem a model industry to benefit from the implementation of artificial intelligence tools and yet as an industry we are still lagging behind others in taking advantage of advanced AI. Why?

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  • Theranos a Silicon Valley exception rather than a rule

    Not a day goes by without reading about the major deception caused by the Theranos saga; promising innovative blood tests to patients based on unknown technology backed by million-dollar investments. Now, the consequences will be suffered by the rest of the Silicon Valley Biotech industry; most probably they will be the ones bearing the brunt […]

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