Update May 29th, 2018

Here is my article on Medium about the Theranos case: Thearanos a Silicon Valley exception rather than a rule

and one article I found interesting:

What Theranos massive fraud can teach biotech investors

In July 2016, The Wall Street Journal published an interesting analysis on Theranos saga which offers “lessons about the importance of oversight and due diligence in the venture-capital business, which bets sometimes on nothing more than an idea.”

“For me, the Theranos saga is a wonderful reminder: While you want to invest in people who are visionary and are committed to their businesses, you want to partner with people who are truth-seeking,” said health-care investor Bryan Roberts, a partner at Venrock. “A lot of people [involved with Theranos] fell down on that in this.”

Several investors with expertise in life-science deals say they either passed on investing because they thought Theranos’s technology claims were too good to be true, or didn’t get a chance. Theranos’s board of directors consisted mostly of political heavyweights rather than medical experts. The company never published its research in peer-reviewed medical journals, as is customary.

You can read the full article here: Silicon Valley looks for Lessons in Theranos

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October 2016, Forbes provides a follow up review of Theranos over the last 2 years. Bad blood: The decline and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

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